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Allstate Metal Roofing Manufacturers

For Ron Patrick, the old saying is true: When one door closes, another
one opens. The same week in 2000 that the Gulf State Steel plant shut
down—Ron’s employer for the previous 35+ years—he accepted delivery
of his first 10,000 pound roll of sheet metal for what he thought would be
a side business. Twelve years later, Ron and his partner, Johnny Tucker,
have built a profitable business—Allstate Metal Roofing Manufacturers.
And Ron believes WinSouth Credit Union was one key to the business’

"The Credit Union has been a great asset to us," Ron says. "It has helped
us keep the business going and going. We have our business account
and line of credit with them, as well as our personal accounts. The Credit Union has been a partner since the beginning."

Located in Gadsden, the business is a family affair—Johnny’s wife, Martha, runs the office and his son runs the shop. Together they produce metal roofing, trim and various accessories for residential and commercial properties within a 100-mile radius of the city.

"We are the only roll formers in Gadsden, Alabama, and Etowah County," Ron explains. "We buy 10,000-pound rolls of prepainted metal, then run them through the roll forming machine and press them out into metal roofing or siding panels. Everything is cut to length. In addition to roofing, we produce any kind of flashing or trim you need."

A Financial Partner

Ron’s relationship with WinSouth Credit Union began long before Allstate Metal.

"The Credit Union has always been a part of my life. I have a four-digit member number, if that tells you anything," he says with a laugh. "My dad’s member number was three digits. The Credit Union has helped me get where I’m going. It’s been a great help to me. I’ve been buying and renting houses for 40 years, and WinSouth has helped me do that."

In fact, the strong family connection to WinSouth Credit Union reached historic proportions when Ron and his father were the first father and son to sit on a credit union board together in the state of Alabama from 1989 to 1990.

"My dad was always involved in the credit union movement," Ron recalls. "He was on the board for 34 years. I’ve been on the board now for 23 years." Last May, Ron became chairman of the board.

"I believe in the credit union philosophy of people helping people," Ron continues. "WinSouth, like all credit unions, is a volunteer organization, which lets us give back our profits to members in the form of better dividends and lower interest rates. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t talk about the benefits of credit unions and try to convince people to join."