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DeSoto Printing

After 34 years in the printing business,Terry Parker knows something about being a small business owner. “I started working in the printing business when I was 15,” he says. “When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always told them I wanted to own a print shop.” His business, DeSoto Printing, based in Fort Payne, Al., opened in 1980. Since then, his company has thrived during many recessions and rapid technology changes.
DeSoto Printing does commercial and personal printing. Their commercial printing includes magazines, books, catalogues and letterheads, while their personal printing services offer wedding and graduation invitations and banners. They have a variety of customers ranging from churches, utility companies, schools and charitable organizations and offer full mailing services.

A Neighbor to Trust

DeSoto Printing in Fort Payne. Parker felt it was the perfect time to switch his banking to WinSouth. “It’s like having an in-house bank. I can literally walk next door to do my banking,” he says. “I moved all of my personal accounts there, as well as my line of credit for the business.”
And with so many years of managing a business, Parker appreciates the level of personal service. “They are all familiar faces at WinSouth. Some people there I have known since grade school,” he says. “I look forward to walking next door. It’s such a joy to see everyone.”
Parker credits much of his success to his longtime employees Nancy Tcherneshoff and Cynthia Turner (his sister), who have helped him keep the business thriving through many changes. “Digital technology has changed so much. It has helped us expand our business,” he says. To many business owners, extreme change would be difficult to adjust to, but for Parker, it is what keeps him going. “The changes help keep me from becoming burned out. We can’t become complacent as a company— otherwise the world will leave us behind. We have to keep growing our abilities and adapting our ways of doing things.”