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Etowah Chemical Sales & Service

“Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge make the difference in serving our customers well,” says Mike Turner, president and co-owner of Etowah Chemical. The company specializes in sales and service of industrial high-pressure washers and also manufacturers cleaning products.

“Terry Murray and I started this business in 1980,” Turner says. “That’s 35 years ago! In that time, we’ve run across just about any difficult cleaning job you can imagine. That experience pays off and benefits our customers. Almost daily, someone says to me, ‘I have this problem here. How would you clean that?’ And because of our extensive experience, usually we can zero in on exactly what they need—and we can supply it for them.”

The professionals at Etowah Chemical understand the importance of creating cleaning methods that help their customers minimize labor and chemical costs. From industrial plants to cars and trucks to hospitals and nursing homes, they have experience helping customers create the sparkling clean image they want to present. They can tell you how to clean, polish, finish or wax just about anything.

High-quality equipment and cleaning products plus prompt, reliable service have helped the company grow over the years, from five employees in Gadsden at its inception to 49 employees and six locations across Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, today.

A Financial Partner That Shares Its Values

Etowah Chemical chose WinSouth Credit Union as its financial services provider about 20 years ago, and hasn’t looked back. “They’ve financed many vehicles for us,” Turner notes. “They’re kind of like us—they have a lot of experience and can help you solve problems. I recommend WinSouth to other people all the time. The people there are really nice and very professional, and when we need something, they respond promptly. They’re easy to do business with, and they’re right next door to us, so it’s real convenient.”

Etowah Chemical primarily sells to industrial users of its products and services, but power washers are available to consumers, too. Contact them at 256-547-7527 or