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Gadsden Insurance Services

Twenty years ago, a desire to help people prompted Mark Garrard to go into the insurance business. Then, in 1998, he and a partner started their own insurance agency, which today has grown to be Gadsden Insurance Services. Garrard is now the sole owner of the agency, which employs nine licensed insurance agents. Two decades into it, he still finds helping people as an insurance agent to be a good fit for him.

“Insurance is a complicated subject. It is our job to not only understand it, but to make sure our clients understand it as well,” Garrard explains. “We advise clients how coverage works, what insurance policies do for them and how the coverage protects their assets. It’s rewarding to see that we make a difference in people’s lives, especially in times of need, when there are storms and other disasters.”

Working for Clients

The agents are a one-stop shop for all of their clients’ insurance needs. They get quotes from several nationally recognized companies, and explain the differences between them, helping clients find the best coverage for them at a fair price.

Each of the nine agents at Gadsden Insurance Services specializes in one of three areas: 1) personal lines, such as homeowners, auto, motorcycle and boat insurance; 2) commercial insurance for businesses; or 3) life insurance.

“We focus on customer service,” Garrard comments. “We don’t have a call center, we still answer the phone; you get a real person on the line when you call. We’d rather talk to you than send you to a website.”

That focus on service is something that Gadsden Insurance Services shares with WinSouth Credit Union. “I like the flexibility of WinSouth,” Garrard comments. “Their member service is excellent; they’re always looking out for us. I personally have been with WinSouth since I was a teenager, and I’m 42 now. When they developed business banking, I reached out to them to provide services for my insurance agency.”

Gadsden Insurance Services has very complex banking needs, Garrard says. “WinSouth handles a lot of transaction activity for us, and it saves us time and money. They’re so knowledgeable about what a business person needs. I think they’re the finest business bank out there.”

To contact Gadsden Insurance Services, call 256-546-8006.