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Gregerson's Foods: A Winning Tradition

Gregerson's Cash SaverPeter Gregerson Jr., more commonly called Greg, knows something about winning. He and his brother David have
had their new grocery store, Gregerson’s Cash Saver,
voted No. 1 in Gadsden, and their fitness center and
pharmacy have been voted No. 1 for four years in a row. It’s only natural that their credit union is WinSouth!

The Gregerson grocery business began more than four
decades ago. "My dad and my uncle opened the first store
in March 1969, while my brother and I were still in high
school," Greg Gregerson says. "We both worked there
evenings and weekends all through school."

Through the years, more Gregerson’s Foods stores were added. "In the mid-to late-1980s, we were the largest independent grocer in Alabama," Gregerson continues. Then his dad and uncle split up the business, and they decided to diversify. "We opened a pharmacy, got into the construction businesses, began electrical contracting and started a company that produced food shows all cross the southeast for other grocery companies. Then, five years ago, we bought a fitness center, which is now the largest fitness center in the area."

A New Generation

Gregerson became the company president in 1993, and his father retired in 2000, though he’s still chairman of the board and continues to come to the office nearly every day. Today, the company owns two supermarkets—Gregerson’s Foods in Piedmont and the new Gregerson’s Cash Saver in Gadsden. And, keeping up the family tradition, three of Gregerson’s four daughters now work for the company.

Credit Union membership is another family tradition going strong in the extended Gregerson family. Gregerson became a member of WinSouth Credit Union 12 years ago with his personal accounts. Then he moved the business accounts there. "It was financing from WinSouth that allowed us to open the fitness center and the new Cash Saver store," he comments. His family members own homes that were also financed through WinSouth. "I like to do business with people I know, and who are local," he says. That’s a winning combination at WinSouth Credit Union.

Gregerson’s Foods
612 E. Hwy 278 Byp, Piedmont, AL

Gregerson's Cash Saver
325 North Third Street, Gadsden, AL