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Jack R. Morgan Engineering, Inc.

Jay Morgan, PE, has been the president of the company his father founded since 1997. During that time, he has learned many lessons about how to succeed in business. One of the most crucial, he says, is the importance of building relationships. “Our company builds relationships with the people we work with,” Morgan says. “They see that we work hard for our money, and we hope they’ll ask us to work with them again.”

Jack R. Morgan Engineering, an electrical engineering firm, was founded in 1960 in Gadsden, AL, with two employees. Today, it has grown to a staff of 12 divided among three locations: Huntsville, Birmingham and Gadsden. Our engineering consultants prepare plans and perform construction administration for new construction and renovation projects. Our projects include: schools, industrial installations, health care facilities, municipal buildings, athletic field lighting, water treatment facilities and more. The firm supplies design input, technical expertise, plus advice on energy efficiency and optimizing building performance.

“When we create designs for new construction, we will monitor the project all the way through to completion to make sure that the owner gets exactly what they paid for,” Morgan comments. “We’re the owner’s liaison and quality control, and we’re there to consult if a problem arises.”

Banking Relationships Matter, Too

The emphasis on building good relationships extends to business banking too, Morgan says. “Deborah Watts, WinSouth Financial Services president, handles my commercial lending needs. When she left the banking world, she extolled the virtues of being a member of a credit union, and because of our relationship, I moved all our finances to WinSouth.”

“I’m ecstatic about the service I get from WinSouth. They’re very respectful of my time and effective at getting things done. I feel like I can focus on my business rather than the little financial issues that arise from time to time.” Morgan is positioning his company for steady growth, concentrating on the most profitable markets. As an electrical engineer, he discovered a hurdle that many small business owners encounter: “I found out that being a good engineer and being good at business aren’t the same thing,” he laughs. But with the financial expertise of WinSouth Credit Union backing him up, he’s more confident about keeping his company growing.

“I don’t think a bank could perform as well as WinSouth Credit Union does,” he says. “The service is just exceptional.”

Jack R. Morgan Engineering Inc.