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Don't Forget to Freeze This Summer

Frozen yogurt is one of the best summer treats, especially in the hot,
southern sun. The cold, creamy and flavorful dessert can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. At The Freeze Frozen Yogurt Bar, this treat is their specialty. Located in Fort Payne and Guntersville, they have more than 50 flavors that they rotate, with 10 at a time in the store. Not only do they provide different flavors, but they offer low-fat, non-fat, no sugar added and non-dairy alternatives like sorbet. With more than 40 toppings to choose from, The Freeze is truly a place for everyone.

Self-serve and Summer Fun

Patty Toler, owner of The Freeze, has been in this business for two years. “I loved the idea of a frozen yogurt bar,” she says. “It’s a chance to have people pick something healthy but tastes good as well. It appeals to everyone because it’s self-serve, so they can choose the yogurt they like and the toppings.” The Freeze has indoor and outdoor seating at both locations, so it’s a perfect spot for family, friends, groups and even sport teams after a game.

Community-based Business

“We are always involved with the community,” says Toler. “I enjoy interacting with local customers one-onone on a daily basis. We love having a place that people can come and hang out to get away from their busy lives for a while.” The Freeze hosts discount days for groups like active and retired military, senior citizens, sports teams and first-responders. They often are involved with programs at schools and host live music at their locations starting in June.
The Freeze also turned to their community when it came to banking with WinSouth Credit Union. “I needed a place to process my credit card payments. Everything is done electronically with WinSouth,” says Toler. “They are a credit union for the average consumer, not a big bank you can’t rely on.”
If you’ve never had frozen yogurt before, Toler urges everyone to come try it out. She does have one warning though—-“You will get hooked!”
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