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Pocket’s Pals

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WinSouth Credit Union School Branches

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Albertville Elementary Albertville
Evans Elementary Albertville
Coosa Christian Academy Gadsden
Glencoe Elementary Glencoe
Cornerstone Christian Academy Rainsville
Ivalee Elementary Gallant
Emma Sansom Middle Gadsden
Marshall Christian Academy Albertville

"Savings Day" is a program designed to put a WinSouth Credit Union branch in the schools and the students are the ones operating this branch. Students who show excellent leadership and grades can be the tellers and actually take in the deposits that the students make. WinSouth Credit Union wants to teach students at an early age how to save money to help them be better prepared for their future.

WinSouth Credit Union savings program for "KIDS ONLY" is Pocket's Pals Kids Club!

It's a great way to teach kids ages 12 and younger the value of saving money on a regular basis. When starting a savings account at an early age, your children or grandchildren will be better equipped to make wise financial decisions in the future.

Simply open a Pocket's Pals Kids Club account for each child in your family with an initial deposit of $25 or more. If your children already have a credit union savings account, sign them up for our kids club membership. No additional deposit required.

As one of Pocket's Pals, your child can take advantage of many opportunities (and fun!) our Kids Club offers:
Gifts from the treasure chest – Kids choose a free gift from the treasure chest upon opening the account. More gifts with every deposit.
Membership card – The official card of Pocket's Pals Club. Your kids will love them!
Games and contests – Free prize drawings, coloring contests and more.
Special events and celebrations – Extra fun for kids club members on holidays and other special occasions.
Newsletter – Receive updates on Pockets and other special offers.

Pocket's Pals t-shirt (while supplies last).

Stop by today and put your children on the right track to saving and become one of Pocket's Pals.

Pocket's Pal Activities – just click on the pictures for great adventure, fun and games at the following links:

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