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Savings for a Rainy Day or a Bright Sunny One

Saving is made simple at WinSouth Credit Union. Open an account for just $25 and start earning competitive dividends, which are paid monthly.

Once you’re a member, you’re a member for life.

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WinSouth Credit Union has a savings plan to meet your specific financial situation. Dividends are earned according to the type of account and are paid monthly, quarterly or semiannually depending on the type of savings plan you choose.

Regular Share Account – Your primary account entitles you to ALL services offered by WinSouth Credit Union. The regular share account requires a minimum balance of $25. This is not a fee, it's a minimum balance that must be maintained in your regular share account to enjoy membership/ownership.

Once a member, always a member as long as you maintain the $25 minimum balance in your regular share account.

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