Our History

We began in the 1950s as a safe place for Etowah Steelworkers to place their money. These were hard-working people in gritty jobs who knew the value of a dollar and the value of trusting their neighbor. They came into the Credit Union after their shifts, with lunch bucket in hand and grime on their faces that symbolized their gritty determination.

Their steel helped build the South. When they came out of those hot, noisy foundries and blast furnaces, they knew they had earned a day’s pay, and they trusted the Etowah Steelworkers Credit Union to safeguard that money and not take advantage of them.

Etowah Steelworkers Credit Union was the credit union to which they turned when needing loans to buy their first home and to send their kids to college in hopes that their kids wouldn’t have to work in the steel factory like their parents.

The Credit Union represented a better life and hope for the future.

The Credit Union was a place that understood hard-working people.

But the Credit Union also represented the traditional values of the South. You were treated with common Southern courtesy. The Credit Union was on your side, wanting you to enjoy the “wins” that were important to you and your family.

Where We Are Now

The South has always produced winners, big and small. From champion sports teams, cuisine and music that defines America, to great American brands like Coca Cola, and thousands of small businesses, all crediting their success to hard work and common decency. It is a winning tradition.

WinSouth Credit Union is part of that tradition. WinSouth has its roots in the steel that became the backbone of the South. A tradition of more than 60 years serving Alabama families in the beautiful mountains and ridges of northeast Alabama. These are communities that have fought hard to survive and prosper. Many of them have seen huge industries come and go, but like the steelworkers, they don’t give up and they keep re-inventing themselves.

What Defines WinSouth?

Pride, determination, hospitality and grit.

Belief in giving everybody a fair shake.

Honoring history, but looking toward more success in the future.

Firmly grounded in the values of the South.

Always re-inventing itself, while faithful to tradition.

That’s the brand of WinSouth.

WinSouth Credit Union reflects the very people it serves. No one understands them better. No one serves them better.