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Debit Card

The VISA® way. The right way!

VISA Debit Card

In today’s world, you expect immediate solutions. We do, too.

That’s why we offer Instant Issue Debit Cards!
Just walk in, open an account or request a new debit card, and walk out with the new debit card in-hand…instantly!
No more waiting to receive a card in the mail; no more inconvenience, having to carry cash or checks until a replacement or new debit card is received.

Enjoy these benefits...

  • Receive a debit card the day you open a new account.
  • Replace a lost or stolen debit card with one visit to your nearest branch.*
  • Forgot your PIN number?  REPIN your card at any location

*Branches that it includes: Main, City Branch, Rainbow City, Albertville and Ft Payne Branch. Some fees and conditions may apply. Instant Issue only applies to in-office visits.


There is no need to carry large sums of cash with WinSouth Credit Union's VISA debit card. The VISA debit card allows you to have access to cash anytime without running the risk that comes with carrying cash in your pocket.

  • No monthly or annual fees
  • No service charges
  • May be used anywhere VISA is accepted in the United States
    • Merchants
    • Gas stations
    • ATMs

Debits directly from your checking account

VISA debit cards are available to qualified members.


Debit Card Cancellation or Disputes

To report your ViSA Debit Card lost or stolen call -1-800-477-0227

To cancel your Visa Debit Card 24/7 call - 1- 800-754-4128.

VISA debit cards disputes – 1-800-757-7302, ext. 1121 or 256-439-3121



VISA debit card – iTalk System – 1-800-728-1412 and choose option 4

ATM Card – iTalk System – 1-800-728-1412 and choose option 4


ATM transaction fees from foreign institutions within the U.S. will be reimbursed to our members when the receipts are brought into one of our WinSouth Credit Union locations.*

*Refunds are subject to a cap of $5.00 per receipt and must be requested within 90 days of the date on the receipt.


*Please call us to verify countries that accept Visa DEBIT CARDS before traveling.

Credits Cards are accepted worldwide, but not all DEBIT CARDS are.